About The Multimedia Room

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 The owners of The Multimedia Room began their journey in the Electronic Publishing division of Brite Voice Systems, Inc. in 1994.  They sold and serviced clients Interactive Pages found in the front of Telephone Directories across the United States.  The owners were at Brite Voice until 1997 when Brite Voice sold its Electronic Publishing assets to Source Media, Inc. for $35.6 million in cash.

The team then served key roles in the launch of Interactive Media Services, Inc.  Interactive Media Services sold and serviced clients Interactive Pages found in the front of Telephone Directories across the United States.  IMS was acquired by WorldPages.com, Inc, a leading provider of Internet infrastructure services, for $5 million in cash.

The team established Streaming Voices.com, Inc. in 1999.  The team is considered pioneers in the Streaming Media industry and streamed the first online news cast in Kansas with KSN News in Wichita.  The company focused its efforts on the online sectors of Real Estate and Broadcasting.  The company sold Interactive Multimedia Tours and streamed audio and video for its clients.  Streaming Voices.com, Inc. fell victim of the dot com crash in April 2001 and the team was forced to regroup.

The team split up and went into Television Marketing & Programming and Interactive Yellow Pages until May 2005 when they launched The Multimedia Room.

The Multimedia Room was launched offering small businesses web solutions through the use of Multimedia.  Today, The Multimedia Room is an Interactive Online Media company offering full web solutions to its clients, including Content Management Systems, Web Design, Multimedia Tours, Streaming Audio & Video and Web Hosting services.  The Multimedia Room teaches businesses how to leverage the internet to achieve their marketing objectives and grow their customer base.

In 2011, The Multimedia Room launched a sister company, Queen Bee Media.  Queen Bee Media offers online presence through Social Media to businesses including Blogs, RSS Feeds, Social Bookmarking and Social Networking. 

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As visionaries in their field, The Multimedia Room saw the use of Multimedia on the internet when the world wide web consisted of only AOL.  The team has been studying the internet and multimedia opportunities from its inception.

The Multimedia Room is headquarted in the Twin Cities.