Blogging for Your Business

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BLOGS! You’ve heard all about them. Every small business should consider a blog the central hub of their social media strategy. A blog is the cornerstone of an active online and social media presence for any business.

An effective blog should only be an area of your website where you publish fresh content regularly, which could easily be called your News section. We suggest focusing your energy on the quality of your content rather than the quantity of visitors. 

A company blog is a business’ number one opportunity to tell all the layers of the story that you want to tell. Here you can really dig into the details of your business. In fact, the more you have to tell and the more frequently you tell it, the better. It really opens up a channel with your customers, prospects and clients. 

A recent HubSpot study shows that companies that blog achieve far better marketing results that the ones that don't blog - attracting 55% more website visitors than non-blogging companies

A blog is where others really get to know you. A blog is also a great tool for industries that have a long sales cycle. It allows audiences to get to know your brand over time.

Your blog is your companies voice and what gives your company a personality.

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