Sell Your Stuff Online!

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E-commerce websites are connecting businesses with customers in an unprecedented fashion. Chances are, you already know how important it is to establish an online business, but aren't quite sure how to get started.

Taking the step to selling online can be a massive change for your business. We can make this easier for you. As well as creating a design that appeals to your market and focuses on selling your products, we also deal with all the technical stuff. All you have to do is choose the products you want to sell and how much you want to sell them for.

The number of options for e-commerce today are expanding rapidly. Reducing the bottom line is the driving force behind e-commerce. On-line media costs less than traditional printing and mailing of catalogs and reaches more people.

Look at some of the advantages:


Produce a full color on-line catalog with the same images as your print media catalog at a fraction of the price.


Offer your products to anyone in the world with a credit card and your customer base has no limits.


Take orders 24 hours a day without paying the 1-800 number costs or the employee costs for data entry.


Securely capture and authorize credit card orders in real time, eliminating the need for a person to enter the data and obtain authorizations. The funds are automatically deposited in your bank account.


Easily use the data obtained from an on-line order to build a targeted database of potential repeat customers.

  Include sound and video clips in your catalog to enhance the shopping experience.

Your E-commerce hosting service must have a secure server so people can feel confident in putting their credit card information over the Internet. The Multimedia Room can set all this up for you in addition to setting up forms and scripts that will handle your order taking; these scripts are more difficult to create than simple HTML.

Your business must also have a merchant account; a number you can get from a bank or credit union that will allow you to accept credit cards both online or in the real world. You can also use PayPal as your merchant account.

E-commerce websites continue to solidify their standing as a smart choice for business owners and customers alike.

If you're ready to start selling online, contact The Multimedia Room today!