Multimedia Services

As a small business,  there are many smart reasons to use multimedia to promote your business.

You can promote your commercials, entertainment, products and product overview, your destination, training, interviews and much more!  The possibilities are endless. 

Multimedia consists of combing images, voice and music to create and convey your message in a unique way that only text and images cannot. 

What type of content do you have uploaded to the worlds' largest video sharing website?

Did you know that the average YouTube user spends between 15 and 25 minutes a day on the site and it's the world’s largest video sharing website? The website has hit 3 billion views per day and that's a pretty incredible number?


Multimedia Guided Tours

Are you looking for a fresh and innovative way to market your business? Our Multimedia Guided Tours are the perfect solution for showcasing your services, locations, destinations and items. We bring together images, voice and music to bring your site to life. Our Multimedia Guided Tours are the next best thing to being there.

People visiting your site need something to grab their attention. They're looking for a visual experience and they're just like you when you surf the web.


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Adding video to your website can help attract visitors, add value, and also improve the site's persuasion.

Recent data shows that 171 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in January for an average of 14.5 hours per viewer. The total U.S. Internet audience engaged in nearly 4.9 billion viewing sessions during the course of the month.  See Data >

Video is both audio and visual which makes it not only more entertaining but also more memorable. It's no surprise that these days more people watch movies than read novels, and scientists have found that using audio and visual content together makes people retain more than twice as much as when using only audio or visual components. We live in an increasingly multimedia based world. Read more »


What is a podcast?
A “podcast” is a buzzword to describe a very simple concept: an audio or video file available on the Internet for you to listen to and/or watch. A podcast can also refer to a series of these audio or video files (similar to how a TV or radio “show” can be a series of shows or just one show). When using the word “podcast”, most people refer to the entire series and not just one audio or video file.


 We We We kdsjlfkajdslkfldsjflkjdslfThe Multimedia Room offers a wide range of voice over services catering to the specific needs of our clients, including voice overs for commercials, documentaries, audio books, internet, multimedia and much more.  Whatever type of voice overs you need!

The Multimedia Room is a leading source for voice talent, website design and services, video and video production. Whether it's audio production for radio, video production for TV, or voice talent casting for any project, The Multimedia Room provides turnkey solutions. Read more »