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Blogging for Your Business

BLOGS! You’ve heard all about them. Every small business should consider a blog the central hub of their social media strategy. A blog is the cornerstone of an active online and social media presence for any business.

An effective blog should only be an area of your website where you publish fresh content regularly, which could easily be called your News section. We suggest focusing your energy on the quality of your content rather than the quantity of visitors. 

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Web Content Management Systems

What is a CMS?  A CMS, also known as a Content Management System is a website you can update on your own.  The most common Content Managment Systems are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.  Read more »

WordPress Is Great for Small Business Websites

WordPress is most known for blogs, but did you know that it's also a great choice for small business websites too?  WordPress is recognized as a powerful Content Management System (CMS) perfect for any small business. 
If you hate the idea of calling your website design guy for updates, waiting for your website to be updated, then
a Content Management System is what exactly what you need for your small business.
When updating your WordPress website, you are helping with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business.  This is such a plus! Another benefit is that you don't need to know how to read code or any HTML design knowledge.  There are hundreds of themes and designs to choose from and we can customize your template too!
Once we create your WordPress website, you can easily update your own text and images, add new pages, or edit existing content with using a simple rich text editor.

Another great feature of WordPress is the the ability to extend your website with the use of contact forms, polls, ratings or many other cool features without having to hire a web developer.

Often, when trying to decide what Content Management System to use, price is the first thing people think of as a deciding factor.  Price is, of course, important, but you can pay thousands of dollars and not get the features you need, or you can pay nothing and get features that are useless to you.
The Multimedia Room will discuss your online content needs and help you decide which Content Management System is best for your business. The Multimedia Room can take on your smaller project websites to larger scale sites too, from WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.
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VersaSport International
I am a demanding customer. I know what great service is…I give it and I expect it.  I have been using the services of The Multimedia Room for five years. Without hesitation, I can say that their customer service is second to none. They have performed magic when tricky issues have arised and gracefully dealt with tight deadlines, making both them and me look good in the process. More than just a service provider, The Multimedia Room has been like a partner, giving counsel and attention to our projects that well exceeds what other companies provide.

MarKey Photography | Hosting

MarKey Photography specializes in taking natural candid photos that truly capture the honest spirit in people, rather than posed portraits. 

MarKey Photography uses The Multimedia Room for our expectional hosting services. 

See MarKey Photography's website live!

Designed Business Interiors | Website Design

Designed Business Interiors located in Topeka, Kansas offers design, project management, installation and refurbishing. 

Designed Business Interiors needed a website that offered all of these services and more.

Visit Designed Business Interiors online today!

The Rug Studio | Blog Design

The Rug Studio located in Wichita, Kansas features contemporary rugs with the latest colors and trends as well as classic rug designs. The possibilities of new looks for your home are almost endless. 

The Rug Studio's blog features images of runs, video and the lastest in sharing social media. 

To visit The Rug Studio's Blog, Click here!

VersaCourt | Website Design

VersaCourt located in Lamar, Missouri has a commitment to quality for their customers.  They specialize in Outdoor & Indoor Modular Surfaces for Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Shuffleboard Courts, Multi-Game Courts, Basketball Hoop & Basketball Goal Court Accessories. 

VersaCourt needed a website to offer their services with an easy design, great graphics, monthly updates, video, specialized photo galleries, online chat, court designer and much more. 

Learn more about VersaCourt and view their website online.

Moonwalks for Fun | Website Design & Hosting

Moonwalks for Fun needed a website for birthday parties and corporate events. 

We supplied Moonwalks for Fun will a fun and cool design their represented their brand.  We set them up with  newsletter sign-up, e-commerce and reservations/booking online and even a name your own price. 

Visit Moonwalks for Fun's website to learn more

Queen Bee Media | CMS Design & Hosting

Queen Bee Media is a social media marketing company that teaches small business owners how to intergrate and utilize social media for their business. 

Queen Bee Media is a sister company of The Multimedia Room. 

Learn more about Queen Bee Media by visiting their website. 

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